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Book #1 - How to Love an American Man

This is my first post to the community. This is also the first book I read and finished this year-- way back in January.

How to Love an American Man - Kristine Gasbarre
4/5 Stars

This was a memoir written by a late twenty-somethings aspiring freelance writer on the passing of her beloved grandfather and what she learned from her grandmother about relationships, love, marriage, and family, in tandem with her own dating exploits. This was recommended on a blog I follow, and so I downloaded the Kindle edition.

The book was quite engaging and Gasbarre writes with an easy, unaffected style. I enjoyed her descriptions and her grandmother's advice-- as well as her honesty about her own mistakes and embarrassing moments. I found I could relate to her, and while I may not have agreed with all of the advice in the book, it had a nice coming-of-age quality to it. Ultimately, one of the more important messages was that one has to be happy with one's own life before worrying about love, and that coupled with Gasbarre's self-discovery was affirming. Ultimately an uplifting book. The ending was exactly as it should have been.
Tags: autobiography, grief, love, memoir

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