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Book 19 for 2012

Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar. 599 pages
I wanted to like this book a lot more than I did, because a friend recommended it,  but I ended up liking it better than I thought I would when I started it.

The plot involves a clan of feuding Scottish werewolves, many of whom seem to spend a lot of time hanging out in London and being generally snotty to everybody they meet, when they're not fighting each other or killing werewolf hunters.
Bizarrely, this book elicits a reaction in me very similar to that I have to the Harry Potter books - which is to say, I don't like most of the characters (although I can sympathise with some of them), I don't care for the writing style (although in Millar's case, I think it's something he does on purpose, whereas I don't think Rowling can do anything else) but for some reason that I can't even explain to myself,  I need to know what happens, so I keep reading.
The style of the writing really grated on me at first - Millar seems to be a great fan of telling rather than showing and of telling repeatedly at that. It reminded me annoyingly of those books for very young children, except with more adult ideas :- "See the werewolf. See the depressed werewolf. See the depressed werewolf take drugs and cut herself.". Combined with an array of irritatingly self-obsessed and self-centred characters, most of whom have no moral code to speak of, this drove me very close to hurling the book across the room to the accompaniment of loud swearing. But I was on a plane at the time and thought this might not go over too well with the flight attendants and my fellow passengers, so I refrained and persisted and eventually either I got used to it or Millar toned it down, because it became slightly less annoying.
And I suppose he must have done <something right, because, as I said, I really did want to find out what happened to the characters, even though most of them were annoying at least some of the time and many of them all the time. The ending looks to be set up for a sequel, and though it makes me a bit cross with myself, I think I shall probably have to read that too.

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