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Stone of Tears

Stone of Tears
by Terry Goodkind

Book 2 of Sword of Truth series

I loved book 1 I loved the set up of book 2 however the set up seemed to last for about 90% of the book. I kept looking at the plot building and building and finding more pieces of the puzzle and it got closer and closer to the end and the pieces weren't coming together yet. Therefore, the buildup was great but the ending was so rushed. There was so much that Goodkind told us about things that happened when I felt he should have been showing us instead. A lot of the major plot points felt very rushed in the final execution. NONE of the climax points felt like they had been explored it was just like he said oh yeah and this happened. The book should have been at least twice as long to do as much justice to the climatic points as the buildup but it was too long already for most people. I am still reading book 3 but I am less enthusiastic about it after investing so much in book 2 and feeling so disappointed in how rushed the ending felt. The other complaint I have is the sex in this book is really not vanilla. There are sections of the book dealing with war and how women of the non-victorious side are sometimes treated. There are sections detailing just how much some of the characters are willing to debase themselves in order to serve their master and that includes sex with partners that aren't human. I wasn't expecting those types of scenes in this book though I shouldn't have been surprised after the BDSM relationship in book 1 but it makes me wonder a little what will be coming in the further books if the sex will just get kinkier or what. Read, but read with caution.
Tags: fantasy

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