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Book 29

Fairy Tail 17Fairy Tail 17 by Hiro Mashima

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This volume picks up after the first confrontation with the Oracon Seis dark guild wherein Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale were all routed last volume. Their enemy makes off with Wendy and to make matters worse, Erza has been poisoned. Without Wendy’s healing magic, something that has almost become a lost art, Erza will die. Wendy’s problems are compounded by the fact the Seis want her to resurrect the dead and that wizard will bring about Nirvana, a form of magic that can acts on the light or dark forces within a person. They intend to use it to tip all the light guilds into darkness.

The team members separate trying to track down Wendy and stop the other dark guild members, leaving Gray and Lyon fighting side by side but Lyon’s apparent demise send some of his guild members over the edge, spurred on by the Nirvana affect.

Natsu and Lucy go after Wendy only to end up facing an enemy that is not only another Celestial Wizard, but she seems to understand the theory behind the magic much better than Lucy. She might be entirely outmatched, even when she invokes Loke back into action.

Though it still has the series’ trademark bursts of humor and endless fan service, this is a much more serious arc and allows the Fairy Tail wizards to really grow into their power. I’ve come to really look forward to this series.

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