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Book 16: Some New Kind Of Slaughter

"Some New Kind Of Slaughter -or- Lost in the Flood (and how we found home again) Diluvian Myths from Around the World"

By mpMann and A. David Lewis

A very long title indeed, but as the authors note- one with significant meaning... This is one of at least two books these folks have done, and I am itching to read the other already! This particular graphic novel dances an intricate dance with a difficult story-telling method:

The king Ziusudra, of ancient mesopotamian mythos, built an ark... which he used to help his people survive a world-wide flood... sound familliar? It isn't the only 'flood story' in mankind's history, not by a long shot! this book, the king has stayed awake for seven days and seven nights, and begins to hallucinate- or get dreams from the gods- of other times... and other places... in which this monumental world-ending event has occurred.

From native americans, to africans, to the modern day survivors of tsunamis and hurricane flooding, the stories tell a similar tale... ones laced with fear and faith, of belief in gods or men, and the drive to SURVIVE.

I was facinated by the emotion the simplistic style of this graphic novel could convey... of the stories, some so difficult to follow I had to remind myself that we're seeing them through King Ziusudra's eyes... and our own culture's misunderstandings as well. What happened- or what did we believe, as a people, happened, each time the flood waters rose to seemingly wipe us all from the face of the earth?

It's universal. It's spellbinding in it's own way. ...and it is VERY relevant. No matter your religon (or lack thereof), you'll find SOME common ground in this graphic novel. Something you can identify with. connect with.

After all...We all want to LIVE.

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