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#8 - #11

Oh Dear, I seem to be slacking a little this year :)

#8: "Flying under Bridges" by Sandi Toksvig
As always I think Toksvig is a great writer. She takes something fairly simplistic and makes you think around it without saying much. Great Characters, funny, sad, terrible, great.

#9. "Tender is the Night" by f. Scott Fitzgerald
While I largely enjoyed this book I can hardly remember why. I'm not sure if the point of the story is not knowing what you want or lack of resolution. Things that are introduced as highly important to begin with are forgotten a chapter later. Hard to keep up with but somehow quite readble.

#10. "The Last Man" by Mary Shelley
I enjoyed the last quarter of this book a lot. Unfortunatley the first 3 quarters were like wading through Molasses. Not recommended. At all. Really...

#11 "Star wars: I, Jedi" by Michael A Stackpole.
As a fan of the Star Wars expanded universe I did enjoy this. The Author has taken some liberties with the better known characters but stayed true to the original series that the novel is set in. As a main Character I liked that Corran Horn/ Kieran Halycon was not always the guy with the answers. Enjoyable and recommended.

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