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Book 32

Troublemaker: Book 1 (A Barnaby and Hooker Graphic Novel #3)Troublemaker: Book 1 by Janet Evanovich

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Unlike a lot of people who are giving this bad reviews because it's a graphic novel and they don't seem to think they're worth your time, I love graphic novels. However...When I saw this book on the library shelf, my first thought was that I’m tired of every book in the world getting the ‘manga treatment.’ The next thought was ‘I’m bored’ so I grabbed this and book two, thinking that at least Stephanie Plum is a fun character. Only, I hadn’t looked closely enough to see that it wasn’t a Stephanie book. This was from a series I hadn’t even heard of. Alex ‘Barney’ Barnaby is an auto mechanic and spotter for NASCAR race driver Sam Hooker. Alex is also Sam’s girlfriend. Also in the mix is Beans the Saint Bernard.

It opens with Alex talking to her friend, Felicia about their mutual friend, Rosa who has gone missing and the only clue is a voo doo doll with a ransom note attached. An exploding voo doo doll. After a lame excuse is offered as a reason not to call the police, Sam and Alex start snooping around Miami trying to find Rosa. This leads them to snoop in people’s garbage, go to a voo doo ritual in an air boat and any number of other misadventures as they try to rescue Rosa. It wraps up one segment of the story nicely then the ending leads you to the next book.

Overall, it okay. Comedic writing is difficult and Janet Evanovich is known for it. However, I never really warmed to Alex and Sam. I didn’t hate them but I didn’t really love them either. They’re not the brightest bulbs in the bunch and that never sits well with me. (or if they are smart, they make dumb choices, take your pick). The art wasn’t manga-style but rather American style. It’s pretty good. I wouldn’t run out and buy this but it was a quick library read and since I picked up the next book at the same time, I’ll be reading it, too.

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