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Book #17: Witchfinder

(from the pages of Hellboy)
Sir Edward Grey
Witchfinder: Lost and Gone Forever

By Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, John Severin

I'm slowly becoming a BIG fan of Graphic Novels... there's something about the telling of a story, not as purely visual as a movie, and not as purely verbal as a story... and yet the artwork isn't exactly a hybrid either. A kind of artform, a form of storytelling that is unique.

Of course, I was hesitant to snag this book, because it said it was part of 'the world of Hellboy'- and much of a 'hellboy' fan tho I am in the movie genre, I am generally not into the kinds of comics/graphic novels about super-heros or similar genres. I couldn't see that this one was so rigid, so I decided to take a gamble, and I am GLAD I did!

I was surprised to find out after I read it, that it was a #2 of 2 in a series, and have promptly ordered #1 from the library- but that is icing on the cake, because this graphic novel stood alone! It had no need for you to know anything about the 'universe' or 'setting' it is written about, and it still managed a fantastic story.

I'm definately becoming a fan of these, rapidly, in fact! I give this one a four out of five, because I still prefer non 'genre' books so far- but it was definately worth reading. Probably even moreso for fans of Hellboy in comic/graphic form!

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