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Book #21: Run, Bong-Gu, Run! (Manga/manhwa)

"Run, Bong-Gu, Run!"

By Byun Byung-Jun

Is it possible for a Korean-drawn book to be racially offensive to Koreans? Because if it is, I bet this book offends them.

It's not the storyline, which is subtle, or anemic, depending on your point of view- it's the drawings.

There's something in them that glorifies 'american' and 'japanese' looks, but outright exaggerates and makes obscene the features of koreans.

Ya know, maybe it's just me... but there wasn't enough story in this book to keep me from repeatedly noticing the unflattering way this artist portrays korean characters.

I didn't care for this book much, though I wouldn't call it a waste of time either. It just... didn't speak to me.

At the end, there's far more information- in the form of blathering on about how great it is by people who've read it- than there was in the whole book's storyline!

Alas, I gave it two stars out of five. Not my favourite kind of book or author, it seems.

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