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Book 1

My goodness it has been a long time! Sadly uni work and living abroad got in the way of my reading, but its t-minus six weeks and I get my life back again!

1. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - Agatha Christie
Inside Jacket: M. Poirot, the hero of 'The Mysterious Affair at Stiles' , and other brilliant pieces of detective deduction, comes out of his temporary retirement like a giant refreshed, to undertake the investigation of a peculiarly brutal and mysterious murder. Geniuses like Sherlock Holmes often find a use for faithful mediocrities like Dr. Watson, and by coincidence it is the local doctor who follows Poirot round, and himself tells the story. Furthermore, as seldom happens in these cases, he is instrumental in giving Poirot one of the most valuable clues to the mystery.
Pages: 237
Thoughts: I adore Poirot and have enjoyed many of the adaptions of Agatha Christie's works, so when it was decided to bring out all of her novels as a collection I jumped at the chance to start owning them! This was the first sent out in the set and was one of my favourite episodes of the original adaptions. I love how this is written, especially so if you know the ending of the book. Wonderful and suspenseful, a great detective classic.

1 / 50 books. 2% done!

237 / 5000 words read. 5% done!
Tags: classic, crime fiction, murder mystery

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