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Book #26: Preacher: Alamo

"Preacher: Alamo" (Volume 9 of 9 in the 'Preacher' series)
By Garth Ennis, and Steve Dillon

There I go again... picking something off the shelf and finding it's not the first volume...

In this case, I read volume 9, the LAST in the series... so although it didn't make much sense in some ways, at least it had an ending... and a faintly happy one at that. (I get the feeling the other books didn't have many happy endings... but you never know.)

I think I'll hunt up the other volumes, and at least have a look. This one wasn't bad in some ways (it was in fact, a highly imaginiative view of god, the divine, and supernatural creatures on earth that are tied to him.) but it was almost laughably stupid in others. Some aspects were actually hard not to interpret as a JOKE.

The villan is so out there by Volume 9, he's really just a comic relief... tho to be fair, it's implied he's just now flipped his lid, so... maybe it isn't that way in earlier novels. One of the characters is named "arseface" and survived a shotgun blast (self inflicted) to the face, making him sputter saliva and look like... well. Yeah. It's just more funny and comic than it is tragic or interesting... I guess I didn't get it so much.

Even so, I read it through, which is more than I can say for other books!

We'll just have to see if I can find Volume 1, and if it's any good...

I gave it a three out of five.

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