Clayshaper (clayshaper) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Book #27: Reunion (graphic novel/artistic biography)

By Pascal Girard

I liked Girard's "Nicolas"... but it turns out that this book of his isn't NEARLY so amusing or poingnant.

Alas, it is the story of a fellow who gets a letter inviting him to his ten-year High School reunion... as before, we know it is self-biographical, which somehow makes THIS book more painful to read. This guy needs some therapy. Seriously.

I didn't find it an enjoyable read at all. I didn't HATE it, but it was horrible to watch him freaking out and flipping out and then worse than the worst happens and he just falls apart... it echoes everyone's fears of what might happen to you, if you went to a high school reunion... and thus, it isn't FUNNY when it actually /happens/ to someone.

People are jerks. This book is really about that- no matter how hard you try, the world is going to suck. (and not in a good way, either...) It did NOT make me want to read any of his other books, for fear of what other horrible things he's had happen to him, or fears would happen and writes a book about it. ICKY.

I gave it two stars out of five, because really the art IS good, and he does do a good job with the dialogue and characters... but... really I think it got two starts out of me because every work of this sort will appeal to /someone/... that someone was just not ME.

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