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Book 32: Daybreak (graphic novel)

By Brian Ralph

This book was very strange. (yeah, I know, strange can be a good thing, but... I'm not sure if this was a good or bad kind of strange... just not sure.)

It opens with the main character addressing you, the reader- he's not narrating, tho- YOU are one of the characters.

That's what makes it so ODD to read- you're taken through the book, a post-zombie-apocaylptic scenario, and you have to survive... yet you're the passive reader, so how much can you do? This isn't a choose your own adventure, after all!

It's just a little disturbing, to be IN a story you have no control over... as if you were in shock, just following along as you're told.

Altogether, the artwork is good, and the storyline makes sense, more or less... but it's an awkward little thing. Different.

Try it, perhaps you'll like it. :)

I gave it a four stars out of five, for it's especially unique treatment of a common theme, and some really interesting pen and ink work.

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