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Book 1 - Death Comes To Pemberley by P. D. James

In this novel the original main characters from Pride and Prejudice are revisited, including Mr Darcy and his wife Elizabeth, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Georgiana Darcy, Wickham and Lydia Bennet. Initially I imagined Wickham would fall foul to the murderer, but this was proven not to be the case. Instead, his friend, Captain Denny, another minor character from the original, is the victim, and Wickham is prime suspect, ending up on trial for the murder. It is then for Darcy, not Wickham’s greatest fan, to try to learn the truth as to what happened, as for all Wickham’s faults he doesn’t believe him capable of murder.

This book was okay, but doesn't really inspire me to be any more enthusiastic than that about it. I imagine that most people who come to this book are very familiar with Pride and Prejudice, its plots and characters, having read the book at least once and probably seen at least one tv or film adaptation. So, I didn't really see the need to have so much of that original story regurgitated and mulled over for much of the book.

It began in this way, and went on so long that I was wondering when we would get to the original and new story, and ended in the same way, which I thought was a real shame. The Epilogue, Darcy sitting with Elizabeth discussing his past conduct in the lead up to his second successful proposal just needed unnecessary. This book is set years after the original, so surely all this wouldn’t be so prominent as to be the closure of the book?

I really wish I had more positive to say about the book, I wanted to enjoy it, although I do admit I’m a little uneasy when delving into the realms of sequels/prequels to great novels written by other authors.


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