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#3-9 - Not Myself series by Saerry Snape

Not Myself is a Harry Potter fanfiction response to the Severitus Challenge. This challenge started quite a few years back (I don't remember exactly when), and has a few components. The basis of it, however, is that Harry is revealed to be the son of Severus Snape, not James Potter. This is one of the better responses to that challenge that I've found. The authoress adjusted the very beginning of Harry's story - instead of the Dursleys taking baby Harry into their home, they instead abandoned him in an alley in London. From there, his life is changed in many ways from canon. The first four years follow the books as closely as possible within the variations Harry's parentage and upbringing provide, but the last three differ greatly, with only vague connections to the events of the final three novels. Harry, having grown up as a street urchin and pick-pocket, is found by Molly Weasley after he wanders into the Leaky Cauldron. Once he gets to Hogwarts, he is sorted into Slytherin, where he is still enemies with Draco Malfoy. First year continues in much the same manner as canon, with Harry becoming friends with Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and a Slytherin girl named Niamh O'Feir. During this year, Snape becomes suspicious and has Harry help him brew a potion that reveals to Severus that he is Harry's father, though he doesn't share this with Harry. Second year sees Ginny Weasley become a Slytherin, and Harry finds out the truth. Third and fourth years proceed pretty much as usual, with a few more people finding out Harry's true parentage. Fifth year sees part of Harry's past return and the consequences thereof, while sixth year has Voldemort releasing new evils on Hogwarts in an attempt to either kill Harry or bring him to His side. And seventh year brings the final battle. With the introduction of quite a few new characters, and fleshing out of some of those merely mentioned in the novels, many of them Slytherins, this is a series that I really enjoyed, and would recommend to fans of Harry Potter everywhere.
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