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Book 38

I Love Him to Pieces ( My Boyfriend Is a Monster #01 ) I Love Him to Pieces ( My Boyfriend Is a Monster #01 ) by Evonne Tsang

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a small graphic novel, part of a series, that makes me smile. It’s good and after a few stinkers I’ve read recently I’m glad to get hold of a good graphic novel since I love them. This is set in St Petersburg FL and the cover is enough to tell you that it’s going to have a zombie apocalypse. (Well, FL could probably use one). I’m over zombies, heck I was never into zombies, and yet I loved this.

It’s not so much about the monsters as it is about two young teens. Dicey Bell is a typical tom boy, spunky and plays baseball. Her dad is a baseball coach and he taught her to pay and she plays on the high school boy’s team, even though it causes some problems. Her teammates, however, love her. Dicey reminded me of someone and it took me a while but I realized she looks like a younger version of Katchoo from Strangers in Paradise. Jack Chen is the consummate science nerd. His parents are both scientists. He gets to skip classes because he’s already involved in a research project. He’s the kid who the teacher calls on in desperation to get an answer. He plays Dungeons and Dragons with his nerd friends and tends to eat alone in the cafeteria (oh, where were you when I was in H.S., Jack?).

The story opens with Dicey bursting into the lab proclaiming Jack is her baby’s daddy, setting the humorous undertones for the whole novel. The baby in question is the health education class’s ‘baby egg’ thing schools love to put kids through. A little more than half the book is the budding relationship between jock and nerd and it is cute, very sweet and nicely innocent. As it weaves along we get to see their family life, their friends and who they are until finally they break the rules of the universe: Jock and Nerd go out on a date.

Lucky them, it coincides of the escaping of a mutated form of a Cordyceps fungus which is known to zombiefy insects (this is actually real) which is now able to make humans its host and destroys their brains. Jack’s parents were working on stopping this in South America but it spread faster than anyone knew and suddenly St. Pete’s is ground zero in the States. As a favor to his highly placed parents, the government sends help for Jack and Dicey but things go awry and Jack is bitten. He has access to only a handful of pills known to slow the spread of the fungus. Can Jack figure out a way to slow the spread before he’s a zombie? Can Dicey protect him and lead them both to safety in the meantime?

This was just a lot of fun. The art is fantastic. Dicey is adorable and Jack is hot. Gorrissen uses the black and white medium expertly, with plenty of good use of shadow. The art is clean and with the occasional odd looking side views, it’s some of the best proportional art I’ve seen in ages. I sure hope the library gets the next one soon. I want to keep peeking in on Dicey and Jack.

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