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Book 3 - Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson

This is the first Alex Cross, and indeed the first James Patterson book I’ve ever read. I really enjoyed Kill Alex Cross. It’s like a novel version of 24, which I always loved. Fast-paced and easy reading, I couldn’t put this book down and finished it in 2 days.

Detective Alex Cross becomes involved in the case of the kidnapping of Zoe and Ethan Coyle, the children of the president. At first he is sidelined, but becomes fully involved at the insistence of Mrs Coyle (apparently he has experience in this field, which I assume is dealt with in previous novels, some of which I may have to seek out). As if the kidnapping wasn’t enough, someone starts targeting the water supply, and when the secretary of state is murdered rumours circulate of a terrorist plot to target and kill the entire line of succession to the presidency.

And so begins the race against time to find the people behind this and stop them, which proves very difficult as every time they come close to catching a suspect they commit suicide before they are taken. Also, as taunting messages regarding Zoe and Ethan come in, it’s apparent that Alex Cross is going to have to work quickly to save them before their time runs out.

I haven’t read many books of this genre prior to this, but I enjoyed it enough to want to pick up some more. I think my next one will be James Patterson’s Tick Tock.


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