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Books 14 - 17

14. Possession In Death
by J.D Robb

genre: thriller; novella

This one-off that takes place in J.D Robb's In Death universe is found in a compilation book of supernatural thrillers, Other Side. Eve Dallas is possessed by a dying gypsy and must solve a missing persons case in order to lay the spirit to rest. I haven't actually enjoyed a Robb book in a while but I think that the short length of this story helped me to keep with the characters.

Recommended: I liked it more than I thought I would.

15. Copper Beach
by Jayne Ann Krentz

genre: romantic thriller; psi-related

Being a big Jayne Ann Krentz fan might make me a bit biased toward her novels but she never fails to make her books enjoyable and this was no different. This is the first in a new series of psi-related supernatural novels that Krentz is writing. The main characters have special abilities where they find power in what they call "hot" objects: these are objects that have psychic/supernatural powers within them. I loved the universe and think the upcoming books will be as interesting as her Arcane Society series.

Recommended: Big fat yes to this book!

16. The Golden Compass
by Philip Pullman

genre: fantasy

Defined as a children's classic, The Golden Compass has elements of fantasy, religion, good and evil, supernatural and fairytale. Though it can be a difficult read for anyone under the age of twelve, it does bring up interesting questions regarding morals, science, religion and the complicated relationship between parents and children. More somber than I expected, I found I needed to finish reading it even when I knew it wouldn't be a happy ending.

Recommended: Yes. Absolutely. Especially if you enjoy works that make you think about your own philosophies.

17. Secrets to the Grave
by Tami Hoag

genre: crime thriller

This book is a continuation of the story started in Deeper Than The Dead. Taking place one year after the events of Deeper, we find that our main characters are now dealing with the aftermath of the See-No-Evil serial killer. A single mother is killed, the only witness her four year old daughter and it's up to Anne and her new husband, Vince, along with the Mendez and the rest of the Oak Knoll police to catch the new threat to their town. I honestly love this book. Tami started the series in 1985 and seems to be continuing with the story, slowly showing how the FBI and their Behavioral Science Division grew over the years into what it is today.

Recommended: Really love this series and this book.

17 / 50 books. 34% done!
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