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Book 25 for 2012

 The Ropemaker by Peter Dickinson. 423 pages.
The Valley has been protected for twenty generations from the predation of the Empire on one side and the nomadic tribes on the other by magic. But now the magic is beginning to fade and a group of people must set off to seek the magician who can restore their protection.
I picked up this book in the charity shop because I remembered  seeing an adaptation of Dickinson's trilogy "The Changes" on television when I was a child. I'm pleased to say it didn't disappoint - there were a lot of familiar  plot elements in the book, but mostly given new twists and combined in unusual ways, and a lot of things that seem arbitrary or even nonsensical at first turning out to be integral to the plot. I liked that I was never entirely sure how things were going to turn out.
An enjoyable YA fantasy. I shall look for more by this author.
Tags: fantasy

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