kat_merle (kat_merle) wrote in 50bookchallenge,


by Gregory McGuire

Well, I finished this book. Unfortunately that is about the best thing I can say about this book right now. I was very excited to read this book I am still excited to see the musical but I will not be finishing the series. I had such high hopes and continued to have hopes throughout the book which only goes to show how foolish I am. There was no character development and while I don't mind when authors kill their characters it seems dumb to kill someone you don't really care about and that seemed to happen over and over and over again. Oh someone died, I don't care move on lets just get through this. If I hadn't been reading this with a friend I never would have finished at all. I can not recommend this book and maybe I just really missed the point if you want to defend it I am willing to hear it and give the book a second chance but right now was just a disappointment and a waste of my time. The plot plodded along a few interesting ideas were suggested but were never realized.
Tags: fairy tales

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