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Books 6 & 7 - Simon's Cat and Simon's Cat: Beyond The Fence by Simon Tofield

Simon's Cat by Simon Tofield

This is the first collection of cartoon sketches featuring Simon and his cat. It’s simple but brilliant, because he captures truly the nature of the cat. The cat reminds me of my own cat, and some of his mannerisms are so similar, that’s what I find funny.
This is a nice easy book to pass a few minutes with. Good fun!
Probably appreciated by more by cat lovers/owners but worth a look for anyone.

Simon’s Cat: Beyond The Fence by Simon Tofield

Second instalment in the adventures of Simon’s cat, who, when faced with the prospect of a bath makes his escape and vanishes off into the big wide world. Lovely way to pass a few idle minutes, having a look at the illustrations in this book. Cat ends up at a farm before deciding he’s seen enough of the world and making his way home. Very enjoyable.

MY RATINGS: 4/5 for both
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