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Book 43

Kith (The Good Neighbors, #2)Kith by Holly Black

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In the first book, Rue Silver learned she was a Halfling, half human, half fae when she lost her mother, Nia, because her father broke the one promise required for Nia to remain in the human world. She also met her grandfather, Aubrey, a ruthless faerie king who wants her to live in his world.

In book two, Rue learns on thing for sure: teen aged girls aren’t up to the task of taking on the Machiavellian plotting of an ancient faerie king. She thinks that she and her friends are safe but she wants her mother back. What she doesn’t understand is why her boyfriend, Keith, is drawing away from her.

Unbeknownst to Rue, Aubrey’s agents are working on her friends, luring them with gifts, promising them unearthly pleasures or outright entrapping them. Tam Lin and some of the other fae try to warn Rue but she doesn’t listen. Her mind is more on her lost mother, the distance between her and Keith and the fact that her friend Ann, disappeared one night after a gig when she got her boyfriend in the band van making out with someone.

When her mother summons her, Rue can not resist, going to the faerie realm. Even after hearing Tam Lin’s tragic history, she is still swept up in the glitzy of the realm. Only when she returns home knowing her grandfather’s plans for the city, which could end all human life within, is Rue worried. As she tries to decide which side she is on, human or fae, Rue is confronted with what Keith has been doing and her own growing attraction to Tam.

The storyline is very interesting, if a bit uneven in pacing. The art interests me. Usually edgy stuff just makes me roll my eyes this is better than usual. It’s not really pretty but the people look like people. There is, however, overuse of deeply lined faces and pouty Angelina Joile lips and too much use of shadow. I couldn’t tell if Keith is African American, mixed race, Hispanic (not that it matters really but it would be nice that it didn’t seem to vary). I do find myself flipping back through the book to study the art. It is greatly detailed. I already have the next in the series and I’m looking forward to it. I might give Tithe another try. I think I read it and couldn’t get into it but I am liking this dark look at the faeries. It’s nice when someone remembers they were called the Good Neighbors or the People of Peace as a way of placating their wicked selves.

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Tags: graphic novel, urban fantasy

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