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Books 63, 64, 65: Uzumaki 1/2/3 Manga

by Junji Ito

Oh. My. Gawd.

HOW is this NOT an american movie yet??? (I see there IS a Japanese interpretation, but haven't been able to locate a copy- but like "The Ring" (Ringu) and "The Grudge" before it... this has AMAZING pottential for an American Horror Movie...

REAL Horror, not that blood-n-guts stuff they pass off as 'horror' nowdays...

This is the story of a village. A village infected with SPIRALS.

Oh sure. Go ahead. Chuckle.

Go, "yeah... AND?"

But really.

Think about it.

...what happens when something as simple, no... as MUNDANE, as a 'spiral' becomes greater than just one aspect of the world, one pattern... and begins to take OVER?


I couldn't stop reading untill I had gotten through the trilogy- TWICE.

It would take some translating... but this, like many other 'surreal' movies (like "Ink" and "Pan's Labyrinth" would make an EXCELLENT movie that would make your SKIN crawl.

You have spirals on the skin over your fingertips you know.

...and they don't stop there.

Don't think too long, too hard, about it... or YOU could get infected, too.

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