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Book 69: Muti's Necklace (children's)

"Muti's Necklace: the oldest story in the world"
By Louise Hawes and Illustrated by Rebecca Guay

Okay, it /isn't/ the oldest story in the world, because we DO, contrary to what the forward says, have 'written stories' from before this one. (hello, folks... really?)

Also, the Author openly admits that the 'real' tale from ancient Egypt around the time of the Pharaoh Snefru, really focused on the magician and his retrieving the precious object of the tale- it didn't actually focus on Muti, as this book does...

Now, DESPITE those things, this book would be a fantastic one to have on your shelf of books for children. It depicts a woman in an era when women were objectified, and yet it is not graphic about that, even tho it also does not dance around it! Muti is in a precarious position, and yet... she stays true to herself!

It is a great tale, gorgeously illustrated, with a strong message: Be True to what you ARE, who you LOVE, and what is IMPORTANT to you!

I think this woulod be a GREAT children's book to give as a gift- especially to pagan or non-traditional christian families... it doesn't depict ANY religon, but it does show Egyptian life, how women were treated, and how Muti keeps to her own true self. A VERY strong moral, despite the softness of the tale. Just remember that it isn't /actually/ the oldest story ever written. ;)

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