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by Mira Grant

Book 3 of the Newsflesh Trilogy

I really should have reread Feed and Newsflesh first. Grant is an amazing author that has hints and goodies hidden all throughout every book so I look forward to rereading the trilogy to see what I missed in the first 2 books. Bias disclosure I consider Grant a friend of mine so my review may be somewhat colored by that. The other part of that bias is there are little Easter eggs so when the book mentions Agora and Brainpan I actually know of those names as actually places relating to things I know are important to Grant. This makes reading her books all the more enjoyable for me and I expect as I get to know her better I will have to reread frequently to find all of the real life references only her friends will understand. That being said I think this book is amazing for people who don't know her. Her characters are well written and you actually CARE when one of them dies. Many characters you get to revisit from previous books and they are like old friends to the reader by now. The one problem if you can call it that with this series is characters don't always stay dead. In a world of zombies and clones this is to be expected and handled VERY well in my opinion. All in all a wonderful read, a great way to close the trilogy and I will be rereading all three books soonish. Have a number of other books on my to read list but I might get back to this before the 2012 50 book challenge ends.
Tags: horror, political thriller, post-apocalypse, sci-fi, zombies

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