kat_merle (kat_merle) wrote in 50bookchallenge,


by Mira Grant

Fanfiction for Newsflesh Trilogy

Can I really call it FANfiction when it was written by the author herself? I remember shortly after Feed was published Mira Grant saying she wanted to write an alternative ending to feed where one key detail changed and how the story would have ended. With the final installment of the trilogy coming out Grant allowed herself that chance and posted it to Facebook as a teaser for Blackout. I of course devoured the story and then was amused when it was alluded to a little in Blackout as the characters began discussing the same scenario. I felt the alternate ending was well written and believable and it made a nice addition to the other stories sent in this universe. I am glad Grant was allowed the opportunity to play a little more with her characters and share that with us. Read and enjoy but ONLY if you have already read Feed. If you haven't read Feed go read that now and then catch up.
Tags: fanfiction, political thriller, post-apocalypse, sci-fi, zombies

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