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Books 21 - 30.

21. Sallis - Drive
There are difference between this and the movie, but both are good in their own way. It's a quick read yet deep at the same time - very much worth owning. :)

22. Trigilio & Brighenti - Saints For Dummies
Nothing particularly new, so if you already have a dictionary of saints, this is not really essential even if it's good.

23. Paul - The Illustrated World Encyclopedia Of Saints
Meanwhile, this one is good, great pictures and bringing out some saints that might go unnoticed in a dictionary of saints (especially if the dictionary is without pictures *lol*).

24. Collins - The Hunger Games (Finnish translation)
I've no plans to read the other two books, but this was an entertaining, fast read.

25. Shriver - We Need To Talk About Kevin
Definitely makes you ponder on it long after, worth buying :)

26. Bourdain - Medium Raw
His usual style, a good read and made me hungry (of course) XD

27. Roach - Packing For Mars: The Curious Science Of Life In The Void
Decided to read this after watching Sunshine, fun to read and worth it.

28. Treece (ed.) - Quiet Moments With Padre Pio
Not really essential but did find some good inspiration within it.

29. Wittgenstein - On Certainty (Finnish translation)(loaned from parents)
Had to concentrate a bit harder but I did grasp what the message was even if I can't explain it to everyone else. Not thick but the subject was *grin*

30. Ellis - Less Than Zero (Finnish translation)
A re-read to see what I thought about it now. Can certainly see how connected it is to "The Rules Of Attraction", and some things that appear again in later books (like "disappear here" and the Exit sign).

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