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Book 71: Ceramics for Gardens and Landscapes

Ceramics for Gardens & Landscapes
by Karin Hessenberg

Did you ever look at the lowliest garden pot, pretty garden sculpture, or largest ceramic artwork outside somewhere and think, "I would love to do that but... how can I make it not crack in the weather? How can I keep it secure against theft, vandalism, or just accidents? How can I make it look like that, but still be able to grow things in it?"

THIS is the BEST book I have ever read, about creating ceramic art (or functional pottery) that is intended to be outside.

I am really quite amazed, honestly, at how MUCH this book packs into such a compact space!

I've got to get a copy myself, it's just that awesome- it has answers to the practical (how DO you throw a pot that starts out with 125 lbs of clay? How can you even get it into a kiln? What about a sculpture of 500 lbs of clay? eek!) and the not-so-practical angle as well, of the topic of ART- what different styles are out there, intended for gardens... from pots, to sculpture, to those things we call 'art' in a lofty tone... if it stays outside, it's just plain different than other ceramics!

I loved this book!

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