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15. Lullabye by Patricia Wallace

Title: Lullabye
Author: Patricia Wallace
Publisher: Zebra Books
Year: 1990
# of pages: 287
Date read: 3/31/2012
Rating: 3*/5 = good


"Eight year old Bronwyn knew she wasn't like other girls. She didn't have a mother. At least not a real one. Her mother had been in a coma at the hospital for as long as Bronwyn could remember. She couldn't feel any pain, her father said, it was just like sleeping - only she never woke up.

But on visiting days, when Bronwyn sat with her mother, she knew it wasn't true that she couldn't feel anything. Her mother was angry. Angry at the nurses and doctors for the way they treated her. Angry at her own helplessness.

But soon, very soon, she would be helpless no longer. And then she would show them all the true meaning of suffering." -- from the back cover

My thoughts:

This was a good book about revenge, grief, and moving on. I liked the relationship between Wyatt and his daughter Bronwyn. 


15 / 100 books. 15% done!

4604 / 35000 pages. 13% done!
Tags: horror

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