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I was feeling a little trashy today; took a break from Pride & Prejudice and put Of Mice and Men on hold to read Spring Break! An O.C. novelization.

The O.C. Spring Break by Audry Miller
alternate views, angst, family, pop culture, teeny bopper, tv
1/5    - bad

Get the story behind the TV show--stories you won't find anywhere else! Everything's changing in the O.C.

The events of the past few months have left everyone changed. Seth has found the person he wants to be and he's grown confident about most things-except one, Summer. He can't forget her and so far she can't forgive him. Ryan has returned to Newport after learning that you can't force a family into existence, but he's also realized that he's got a family now-the Cohens. Now if he can just make things right with Marissa, he can focus on his new life. It's a period of change. Nothing is certain. Everything is up for grabs. Welcome to The O.C.

An original story based on the hit TV show!


Poorly written, and the narrative was all over the place. I actually didn't mind Marissa's story here. Maybe because I didn't have to see Mischa Barton pouting and whining at every second.

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