Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote in 50bookchallenge,
Bill Paley

I finished reading Gilliam on Gilliam, an interview book where Terry Gilliam, director, talks about his art. Specifically he discusses his works until Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I found the discussion somewhat thought-provoking, especially with regard to Hunter Thompson's work. For fans of his cinematic works, this book might be worth looking at; for Monty Python fans, that era in his life is only a small portion of the book.

One thing that did stick out in my mind: I'd heard that he had graduated from the same high school I had in Van Nuys, CA, but he never named it in the book. He only said that it was the largest such school in LA at the time (which it fact at that point it was the largest high school west of the Mississippi!), and that it had been an Army hospital during WWII, which it also had been. I'm miffed that he didn't call it by name!

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