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Books #47-48

Book #47 The Love Goddess' Cooking School by Melissa Senate
I love this book! For me it's 4.5 stars out of 5. I love the story, the characters and of course the recipes! It's fun to read and it sure inspires me to try cooking Italian food. Not that I can cook anything at all! Hahahaha... I love how Holly Mcguire stumble and fall in her efforts to take over her grandmother's cooking school and take away resto, Camilla's Cucinotta. Senate got me wondered what Camilla looked like all the time, since she pictured Camilla as such a unique personality. The only clue is that she looked like Sophia Loren. Hmmm... I'll remind myself what Sophia Loren looked like then... And make no mistake. This is not a heavy and life-changing book but as I say it's a fun book to read. I recommend it!

Book #48 The Notorious Rake  
I love Mary Balogh. What can I say? When I needed a good romance story, I'll reach for her. I love that this story is unconventional. It makes the characters more human and real. And I just simply love it when a simple and plain girl was loved so much for herself. Am I projecting myself and my wish? Hahaha.. Perhaps. But I love how Balogh never made a romance sounds disgusting or nauseating. If you know what I mean... Maybe Lord Edmond Waite can have more of Darcy's reserved attitude, Mary's phobia a little bit more rational and the ending not too abrupt, but still it's a passionate story! Worth a try! oh it's 3.5 out 5 stars.
Tags: contemporary, drama, historical romance, romance

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