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Cast in Secret

Cast in Secret
by Michelle Sagara

Book 3 of The Chronicles of Elantra

I've been a bit slow in posting but that is because I hate writing not because I haven't been reading. Once I restarted this series it got its hooks into me and I have just been devouring these books. I am about to take a little break as I will be going back to "school" and it is so hard for me to put a good book down.

Many series I fall in love with and fall in love with the author and their writing and try to devour everything they have published. With a few authors I also devour the forewards and author notes and acknowledgements. For this book that actually added a bit of enjoyment to the book. I had been so enamored by the plot lines I hadn't realized that Sagara was giving us a glimpse into each race in each book and this book was about to focus on the race of mind readers. This is a race that terrifies our heroine as she feels she has so much baggage to hide.

The plot focuses on a missing child or two and if you haven't been reading the series up till now you will learn our Heroine has a soft spot for children and keeping them safe and out of harms way. The story takes you on a journey learning about this race of people that have no secrets from each other and you learn the history of how that came to be. I have never been a student of history but I have so enjoyed learning about the history of the different races and the culture that has arisen from that history.

All in all I loved this book I will definitely be rereading it again and again. I have already recommended it to a number of my friends and immediately dove into 3 more books by Sagara.
Tags: fantasy

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