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Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch

Books 16-20

16. Stardust (original title: Stardust) by Neil Gaiman - Week 14
Absolutely adored this book, even if the translation irked me in a couple of spots. It reads, to me, sort of like a grown-up version of Alice in Wonderland, with some of Alexander Lloyd's work thrown in for good measure. I was especially fond of how nothing beyond the Wall really was what it seemed - or what the main character expected it - to be.

17. I huvudet på en seriemördare by Sven Å Christianson (non-fiction) - Week 15
Very interesting insights into the mentality of serial violent criminals, including a lot of transcribed bits of interviews with them, where they themselves talk about things that they feel are wrong. I was rather annoyed by some bits in the beginning that contained factual errors about the portrayal of serial killers in pop culture, but that may have been an error of Christianson's source rather than one of his, and once past that rough introduction it was an incredibly interesting read.

18. Flickan och skulden: en bok om samhällets syn på våldtäkt by Katarina Wennstam (nonfiction, reread) - Week 15
19. En riktig våldtäktsman: en bok om samhällets syn på våldtäkt by Katarina Wennstam (nonfiction, reread) - Week 16
Wennstam is a journalist, who through contacts with victims, perpetrators and professionals, along with press archives and court documents, has gathered material for these two very well-written books about rape culture. The books are simultaneously very factual ("this is what happened, this is the response it got, this is how that response affected the victims") and very readable, showing, for instance, the disparity between what teenagers think they feel, and how they actually feel about the subject. I think having just read the previous book also kind of added another dimension to my reading this time around.

20. Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew (nonfiction) - Week 18
Birthday gift from my parents that I'd been quite excited about. I ended up not able to start my square foot garden this year, not getting the help I'd been promised with the setup, but just reading this book was quite interesting and the information it has about individual crops may hopefully help the few plants I do have here and there this summer.
Tags: fantasy, gardening, non-fiction

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