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11 - Life Unexpected by Nariko_D

Yet another Torchwood fanfiction as I continue to work my way through Stone of Farewell. Set after the end of series 2 of Torchwood and The Stolen Earth/Journey's End (Series 4 finale of Doctor Who), but before the beginning of Children of Earth, we see how Jack, Ianto and Gwen are dealing with being the remains of Torchwood 3. Jack and Ianto's relationship is progressing, and shortly after a seemingly random child gives Ianto a bracelet, he finds himself pregnant with his and Jack's baby. Their new doctor Terry, after informing Ianto of the possible complications - including death on both Ianto's and the baby's part, leaves the decision to carry as close to term as he can or abort to Ianto. At the last minute, Ianto decides to keep the baby. Jack eventually is confronted with his own reluctance to accept the baby, and once again they are becoming closer. When it is discovered that the bracelet is not only the reason the pregnancy was possible, but is allowing the little girl, who is really an alien scientist, to track Ianto so that she can take him and the baby, the tension starts to build, culminating in a kidnapped Ianto. As he is going into labour, Jack and the newly-hired weapons specialist Nia rush to his rescue. A dozen dead aliens and some teleporting later, everyone is safely back in the hub and enjoying baby time.
I'd forgotten about this one until I was cleaning out my email and found it. I've always been a fan of mpreg, and this one was very well written. The progression of the pregnancy and how it affected the relationship between Jack and Ianto was natural, with enough fluff to balance the angst. The changes in Jack's feelings toward Ianto and the baby, as well as his priorities in general, were sudden enough to confuse Ianto and Gwen (Terry and Nia not having known him long enough to really see how dramatic it was), yet believable enough to be real. I would definitely recommend this fic to any fan of Torchwood.
Almost done with Stone of Farewell (Memory, Sorrow and Thorn book #2), should be able to review it within the next week or so. Then on to Wind Through the Keyhole :)
Tags: british, fanfiction, glbt, sci-fi, television

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