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Book #42: Persuasion by Jane Austen

I have finally got through the complete works of Jane Austen.

Persuasion was written after Austen’s death, and follows a similar storyline to her other books; this one makes a lot of commentary regarding class, as the heroine, Anne, previously did not marry Captain Wentworth because he was too low in status; however, several years later, their roles have been reversed and Anne is desperately trying to get Wentworth’s attention, but he isn’t particularly interested in her.

The story is actually quite a simple one, and the ending does not prove to be much of a surprise, but the only problem I had was that, like other Austen books I have read, this was quite long-winded in places, but at the same time I found it easier going than many of the previous books; this is also relatively short, so did not take too long to get through.

Next book: Yellow Dog (Martin Amis)
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