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12 - Stone of Farewell by Tad Williams

Finally finished this one, the second in Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. The main character, Simon, continues his quest, stumbling through and beating all of the dangers that are thrown his way. The other plot lines show up more than they did in the first one, so that we are not continuously focused on Simon, yet if it weren't for them the story would be flat. Split into at least half a dozen different groups/individuals, all are starting to converge together to decide on the next part of their stand against the growing evil. We are also given more insight into the main villain, and his motivations. There was no cliff hanger ending per se, but there were still enough loose ends to make me want to jump straight into the next volume. However, I'm taking a break again from the series to get some of the smaller books on my "to read" list taken care of :) Definitely enjoying the series, and will probably eventually replace the paperbacks with hardcovers as I have with most of his other stuff that I have.
Tags: adventure, fantasy, fiction

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