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book 65

Good BonesGood Bones by Kim Fielding

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dylan is a successful architect but he has a problem. A former lover, Andy, turned out to be a werewolf in search of companionship. While successfully transformed, Dylan wanted nothing to do with Andy but he’s left dealing with his new life. After one too many close calls in the city, barely able to get to the lock down room he constructed before going violently wolf, Dylan goes house hunting in the country. He finds an old farm house with good bones that suits his needs.

It overlooks a small house and the young man living there introduces himself rather dramatically. He’s the grand nephew of the man who formerly owned the house. Chris is a jack of all trades and while very defensive because Dylan is moderately well to do and educated, things Chris is not, he does agree to help Dylan with the remodeling.

As they work, they are faced with mutual attraction, even if they are rather opposites. Dylan is afraid to be in a relationship because of what he is and to make matters worse, Andy is back. Dylan isn’t sure if he can survive his own wolfish instincts nor if he can keep Chris safe.

I liked the story. I liked Dylan very much. I was much more ambivalent about Chris though, to be honest. He is so afraid that Dylan will judge him because he never finished high school and is a poor country boy (though I don’t remember Dylan ever doing that) and he comes off as very judgmental, especially about Dylan. We do learn a little of his history which softened his edge a bit for me but in some ways I felt I didn’t get enough of Chris’s back story.

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Tags: erotica, urban fantasy

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