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Book 67

InkInk by Isabelle Rowan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this vampire book. It’s different, almost quiet yet compelling. For those who hate omniscient pov this has it and it fades from one head to another but it’s not hard to follow.

Dominic was last alive back in the days of the Roman army. The centuries old vampire has become ensnared by a young man named Michael, a tattoo artist in Melbourne, Australia. For all those years, Dominic had avoid making attachments to humans other than to have a nibble or quick sex but he can’t quit Michael. He goes in night after night to get a tattoo that will disappear under his vampiric healing abilities. Finally, Michael convinces him to bring him across into the vampiric life.

The first third of the book or so is about Dominic teaching Michael, who has support from Abby and Scott, the owners of the tattoo shop he worked at. Michael is finding it hard to resist feeding but that takes a back seat when a new threat appears. Galen, Dominic’s sire, has returned and he wants Dominic back.

Dominic and Michael are compelling characters and Galen is fascinating. I almost wished we had seen more of him. Though this is m/m there isn't all that much sex. I don't mind. I found the characters and the main storyline interesting on their own.

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Tags: erotica, urban fantasy

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