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Book #44: Pop. 1280 by Jim Thompson

This is a blackly comic story about Nick Corey, a Sheriff in a small town. However, he is far from being a good guy, since he hates his wife and son, and has affairs with other women; he also has a tendency to solve his problems by shooting people dead, and a few chapters in he kills two pimps at a brothel because he has problems with them. The title of the book, incidentally, refers to a sign that briefly features in the book, referring to a town with a population of 1,280.

Corey actually makes for a compelling anti-hero, and you almost find yourself rooting for him, as the whole story is written from his point of view, despite the fact that he is staggeringly loathsome and selfish.

The story is actually quite simple, although the narrative occasionally goes off on tangents; the last chapter seemed a bit weird, and ended abruptly, and I did find myself having to re-read the ending a few times; needless to say, it didn’t feel like a typical way to end a story.

I really enjoyed this book though, and it was reasonably short, so I finished it in just a few days.

Next book: Mort by Terry Pratchett
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