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books 68-69

Yokai Doctor 1Yokai Doctor 1 by Yuki Sato

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My library had the first three of this manga so I figured, ‘why not?’ Yokai are spirits and Kotoko is a teenaged girl who comes from a long lineage of exorcists. She can see the yokai but has no real ability to exorcise them. However, her classmates think she can and she does put on a good show. Enter Kuro Gokokuji, a bespeckled young man. He’s an intermittent student that everyone else thinks is weird and pervy. Actually his character is a bit odd as he comes off as shy geek most of the time then he turns around and is pervy, not a combo you usually see.

Kotoko is conned into taking on a dangerous exorcism in the woods with all her classmates tagging along. She is over her head but Kuro is there to help. She offers him her friendship. We also get to see this same storyline from Kuro’s point of view later in the manga.

Also he helps her with another yokai but is distressed to realize she hates them. He does, however, show her another side to them by admitting he is a yokai doctor. Kotoko doesn’t understand why, having been raised to think yokai are evil.

It’s not a bad beginning, a bit confusing at first. It’s probably good for the younger teen reader though there are boob grabs and panty shots. I probably wouldn’t have bought this but I’ll at least read what the library has.

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The Hangman, The Hound and Other Hauntings: a gazeteer of Welsh ghostsThe Hangman, The Hound and Other Hauntings: a gazeteer of Welsh ghosts by Thomas Corum Caldas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I always pick up a ghost book, the local haunts so to speak, when I travel and I got this one in Wales. It does say up front that there isn’t much in the way of investigation and that it would bring the science to the craft of ghost hunting. Well, it is one of these things. It is mostly just a large collection of local ghost stories from around the country with no investigations into plausibility. While I prefer that the murders at least are looked into, I’m fine with ghost tales (and I will allow that in a country as old as Wales, it would be harder to do the research than it might be here in the States).

It was grouped in a nice way, especially since you’d be able to go and visit many of these places. It was grouped into pubs, castles, sacred buildings, public/private buildings and roadsides. I particularly liked the first two. It was just interesting to see how many pubs from the late middle ages there still are. It was a good collection of stories. As for the science, the only science I saw was the author mocking it. They’d have been better off not including that in the write up, frankly. I was also a little disappointed in the formatting. The publisher didn’t make sure the title fonts could handle some of the punctuation and the such, rendering them as blocks. There was a bit too much writer-on-board in some of the stories but it was a fun read on the plane ride back to the States.

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