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Books #15-21

15. Charlaine Harris, A Bone To Pick, 262 pages, Mystery, Paperback, 1992 (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Book 2).

Aurora Teagarden has inherited a house, complete with a hidden human skull showing obvious signs of foul play, as well as a cat about to have kittens. The book is a little slow, focusing on Roe’s every day life – sometimes in too much detail. And the murder investigated involves a lot of angst from Ms. Teagarden, and is solved by the murderer making the next move. Overall, it is an enjoyable book for those who like Roe Teagarden as a character, but probably dull for everyone else.

16. Charlaine Harris & William Harms, Grave Sight: Book 1, Illustrated by Denis Medri, 64 pages, Graphic Novel, Paperback, 2011 (Grave Sight, Book 1) (re-read).

17. Charlaine Harris & William Harms, Grave Sight: Book 2, Illustrated by Denis Medri, 64 pages, Graphic Novel, Paperback, 2011 (Grave Sight, Book 2).

Part of the 4-issue adaptation of Harris’ Grave Sight into graphic novel format. Harper Connelly has been able to detect the dead, and see some of their final moments, ever since she was hit by lightning as a teenager. In helping a family find closure over the death of their boy, Harper discovers his girlfriend’s body. Turns out the girl’s sister, also recently dead, was murdered instead of accidentally drowned. And now the body count is starting to rise. The art is decent for the comic, and it is pretty faithful to the book.

18. Justin Cronin, The Passage, 766 pages, Horror, Hardback, 2010 (The Passage, Book 1).

An excellent horror/dystopian society/post-apocalyptic/science fiction novel, The Passage starts with the events that lead to the catastrophic events the lead to the end of the world as we know it. A scientist finds a virus that makes the victim into a variation of vampire. The army decides to test it out on 12 death row inmates, and 1 little girl named Amy. The unthinkable happens – the 12 get loose. In the process, Amy is rescued mid-transition and is different than the rest – she lives longer, ages slower, and can communicate telepathically, but she is not the killer the others are. As the novel progresses, fewer humans are left and form whatever societies they can muster. But when Amy comes back, what is left of humanity must set out on a quest and find a way the original 12 can be destroyed.

19. Queenie Chan & Dean Koontz, In Odd We Trust, Illustrated by Queenie Chan, 204 pages, Graphic Novel, Paperback, 2008 (Odd Thomas Graphic Novel, Book 1).

20. Fred Van Lente & Dean Koontz, Odd is On Our Side, Illustrated by Queenie Chan, 186 pages, Graphic Novel, Paperback, 2010 (Odd Thomas Graphic Novel, Book 2).

21. Fred Van Lente & Dean Koontz, House of Odd, Illustrated by Queenie Chan, 224 pages, Graphic Novel, Paperback, 2012 (Odd Thomas Graphic Novel, Book 3).

The graphic novels featuring Odd Thomas pre-date the novels; Odd and his girlfriend, Stormy, solve mysteries as only Odd can – he sees the spirits of the dead and tries to help them move on. The art is a bit manga, but it looks good. I really enjoyed this; Odd Thomas is one of my favorite literary characters, and it was great to read more of his adventures.
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