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Book 74

Celebrity in Death (In Death, #34)Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the latest of a long line of Eve Dallas books and reminded me that I actually missed the one prior when she went to Dallas (and after reading bits about it in this one, I’m not sure I need to or want to back track to it though it could be argued it is the pivotal one in Eve’s relationship to her past) Dallas, Roarke and Peabody are about to hit the big screen, or at least their alter egos are. Nadine Furst, Dallas’s reporter friend, wrote a book about one of their first cases (which I suspect is probably the first book in the series).

Eve and Peabody visit the set and meet Marlo (Eve), Julian (Roarke), KT Harris (Peabody) and Matthew (McNab) along with the directors and money men for the upcoming movie. They even agree, along with Roarke, to go to a promotional party along with Nadine and a few other of Eve’s friends only to have the bitchy KT Harris end up dead.

Oddly enough without even considering them momentarily, Dallas dismisses her friends being involved (even though they have as much motive as the Hollywood guys) and has to figure which of the many people would have killed KT as pretty much everyone has a motive and the same opportunity.

It wasn’t a bad Eve Dallas book, not the best, certainly not the worst. It’s pretty much what you expect, a half way decent mystery, Roarke providing Eve deus ex machina everything she needs since he owns most of the known world then some predictable sex. They’re not really even trying to make up reasons for Roarke to help out at the crime scene any more. It’s one of those check your disbelief here and just enjoy.

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Tags: futuristic, mystery

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