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13 - The Wind Through the Keyhole

I actually finished this one last night, just haven't had the chance to post until now lol. My first Stephen King of the year, and right back into the Dark Tower series. I really enjoyed getting to see Roland and his ka-tet again, it's been too long since I've read anything but the tie-in novels. Most of this one is background stuff, a story from Roland's past, with a story his mother used to tell him in the middle of it. There was world building going on in the childhood story, The Wind Through the Keyhole, which also tied into the situation that the regular characters were in. All in all, it was a short peek into the events between 2 books of a series that I've always enjoyed. It also made me want to reread the whole series again, if I didn't already have a good 50 books I haven't read yet. Definitely recommend to King fans and Dark Tower followers in particular.
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