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Book 75

Yokai Doctor 2Yokai Doctor 2 by Yuki Sato

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This second volume has turned into more of an episodic sort of manga with no overreaching plot arc other than the idea that Kuro is a yokai doctor and now Kotoko is acting as his assistant. We get a bit more of his past in this volume with hints of more to come.

Patient wise we meet a young girl whose nature means she’ll eat whomever she loves, a tofu boy whose touch turns everything moldy, a ghost who lives in smoke haunting a boy with weak lungs, a thieving yokai and a yokai who is the opposite of Kuro in that he doctors humans. The cat yokai who doesn’t like Kotoko does fill her in more on the realities of Kuro’s life and finally for a cliffhanger ending, a wish-granting yokai shows up. He was an old friend of Kuro’s but some things change.

Overall, it’s not a bad manga but I probably wouldn’t read it if the library didn’t have a few copies. The art is okay but I think there is an effort to make them look purposefully young and a bit primitive because there are illustrations of a more mature Kuro here and there. I still don’t particularly like Kuro’s random perverted nature which extends to bra worship and lying down to look up girl’s skirts. It seems so out of line with the rest of his personality or maybe I just find it creepy.

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