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Book 76

Blue Exorcist, Vol 7Blue Exorcist, Vol 7 by Kazue Kato

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This volume straddles the past and the present. Tatsuma, Bon’s father, has given Rin a letter that Shura and Yukio are reading to him, detailing his meeting with Father Fujimoto, giving new dimension to both men. In the meantime, Tatsuma is upholding the secrets of the temple while trying to fight those attempting to awaken the Impure King.

Things are not going well for either Tatsuma or Rin. The Impure King awakens and the Vatican caught wind of Rin’s loss of control. He’s been sentenced to die immediately. After sending Yukio off to organize the fight against the king, Shura counts on the strained friendship between Rin and his classmates. She can only hope they can free him from his prison and that together they are capable of stopping the Impure King. Over forty thousand people died last time he was free a century and a half ago. More will die this time.

With each volume, the story matures more. Besides being a kick ass action manga, it is a good look at friendship, predestination and the true meaning of good and evil. It’s fast becoming a favorite of mine.

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