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Mermaid's California Samplers; Invincible Crossing Wind

Samplers, by Rebecca Scott
Beautiful needlework, interesting context (albeit a bit dry).

California Demon, by Julie Kenner
A delightful confection - I find the soccer mom stuff as charming, quirky, and fascinating as the demons and other supernatural elements:).

The Mermaid's Madness, by Jim C. Hines
Absorbing fairy tale mashups - continues to be just dark enough - ie darker than Disney, not so raw as Tanith Lee.

Invincible: The Ultimate Collection, volume 3, by Robert Kirkman et al
Lots of interesting plotful developments in this volume, and it mostly refrained from pissing me off in the ways that the last volume did.

Crossing to Safety, by Wallace Stegner
Lovely writing about 2 academics and their wives in the 30s and 40s... there were some beautiful descriptions of the natural world, too. A slighter book than Angle of Repose, but still very good.

Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell
I came to this book with an open and curious mind, and I could describe its virtues (I finished it, after all). However, the overt racism, and worse yet, nostalgia for the systematic racism of days gone by, were appalling. Every time I started to relax into the story (and there were quite a few such times), some awful piece of bigotry jarred me out of it and made me feel ashamed of having any liking for this book at all.

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