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book 77

Yokai Doctor 3Yokai Doctor 3 by Yuki Sato

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one continues the storyline with Kaie, Kuro’s childhood yokai friend. The bulk of the volume deals with Kaie’s betrayal and all the lives he had touched throughout the years. In the meantime poor Kotoko has been changed into a doll. By the time Kuro gets her back, we learn more about his motivation to be a yokai doctor.

There are a few more filler stories like a ghost and a yuki-onna before we meet a dragon and a one-eyed thief who steals yokai things and we get a lot more of Kuro’s history. And oh, spider and rat yokai which I could had done without the former.

While the story line is beginning to gel a bit, it’s not really capturing my attention. I think part of the problem is the art. It makes them look much younger than 16 until something bad happens and then they look more their age.

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