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Book #49: Catch as Catch Can by Joseph Heller

This is an enjoyable collection of short stories by the late Joseph Heller (he died in 1999), published posthumously. It combines several previously published stories, with other ones which were written in the 1940s but never actually published, and it was really enjoyable to read.

I liked the way that Heller’s stories tend to be quite simple ones, often little more than conversations between two characters, but you find yourself drawn to them. The best parts of the book, however, are those that involve his most famous book, the war satire Catch-22, including several “missing” chapters from the book, which are all written in the typical style of the book, which is often hilarious and completely absurd, but often tragic at the same time.

There were some fascinating chapters at the end about how the movie of Catch-22 got made, and the book’s inspiration, as well as Heller’s own childhood in Coney Island.

Next book: Sourcery by Terry Pratchett
Tags: autobiography, book review, fiction, humor, literary, non-fiction, period fiction (20th century), satire, short stories, war

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