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Books #22-25

22. Elmore Leonard, Raylan, 263 pages, Fiction, Hardback, 2012 (Raylan Givens, Book 3).

The television show, Justified, is based on the character of US Marshall Raylan Givens. In this installment of the book series, Raylan has plenty on his plate – kidney-stealing pot dealers, coal company enforcers, high-stakes poker players, lady bank robbers with their manager, and Boyd Crowder. I like the pacing of the book, feels comfortable while jerking you about from one situation to the next. Not a dull ride, and very friendly even to those who aren’t familiar with Harlan County.

23. Roman Dirge, Lenore: Noogies (Issues #1-4), Illustrated by Roman Dirge, 108 pages, Graphic Novel, Paperback, 1999 (Lenore, Book 1).

24. Roman Dirge, Lenore: Wedgies! (Issues #5-8), Illustrated by Roman Dirge, 110 pages, Graphic Novel, Paperback, 2000 (Lenore, Book 2).

25. Roman Dirge, Lenore: Cooties (Issues #9-12), Illustrated by Roman Dirge, 120 pages, Graphic Novel, Paperback, 2005 (Lenore, Book 3).

The collected issues of Lenore, the adorable dead girl who takes everything too literally, with funny and deadly results. This reminds me of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, but with a lot more cute. The adventures are short and vary greatly between Lenore, the artist, and the world he creates. It’s a nice diversion.
Tags: fiction, graphic novel

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